What are your dreams?

Dreams. What are dreams? What were your dreams?

We passed by this set of 3D typo while hunting for Pokémons and it got me thinking. 

I cannot remember what were my dreams when I was young. Maybe because I'm a very fickled minded person, my dreams changed to suit the current situation and environment as I grow up. 

Back when I was swimming, I did dream of becoming a swimmer. Haha. I was good, but far from excellent. So it got thrown away. Especially after I hit an obstacle. 

Then I dreamed of simpler dreams. I hope to settle down and have my own family. And yes I did. 

Now in my current state, my dream, is to see my little girl grow up happily and healthily and the family to bask in love for each other. 

Simple dreams for a simple minded woman. 

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Happy 22 months!

Our little baby is growing up into a fine little girl. Cheeky, compassionate, playful, expressive, happy, active...... 

Reached the stage where everything is replied with a NO! Even though sometimes you meant  it as yes 😅. Night routine is getting tougher with all the NOs. From brushing teeth to wearing diaper to wearing clothes. 

You had survived a night without the mammy at 22m-5do. So... Mammy can now start to plan more GNOs? 😝

A book loving girl, getting us to read you the same stories over and over again in a day. Till we are simply sian...... lol

And you jus started to change calling the mammy from "mama" to "ahmee". Aww... 

Love you baby. All we hope for you is to eat more, sleep more, be safe and healthy. Let's learn new things together everyday! XOXO

Enrolled for 2017

This evening, we enrolled Josie to a playgroup for 2017. Confusing eh? I thought it was N1. And I thought they have N1 and N2. Hahaha. First time parents of schooling-to-be kid. Confused. 

Next year we have to look for another school for her to go Nursery. Troublesome much. 

We're the 4th in Q. But when we left, only 4 kids enrolling. Haha. Maybe after we left there are more?

The day

Today is the day. We woke up early and left home even before 8 to join the peak hour crowd. It was a morning of stress and anticipation. 

Settled what was required, which only took less than 20 minutes in total, even though we had to travel 2hrs to and fro. 

Rewarded ourselves with breakfast in Mac. 

10 minutes after reaching home, the answer came. Well. It's money and heart down the toilet bowl. 

"Please insert coin(s) and try again"

The comforting thing today is... At least I have my baby girl with me for today's journey. 

Splashing Fun

We spent the afternoon splashing water at the Pasir Ris Swimming Complex. It's my first time there. We went there after our bingsoo. 

The swimming complex is marked as a feature pool. Very new looking, with a lap pool, a tiny medium pool and a pool with "playground" for children. Overall. Small. 

The medium pool is crowded with children and coaches. The lap pool, I don't really remember how it was haha. I don't really swim after having Josie. My focus is on her and things for her. 

The children pool is very shallow, what we will call the baby pool. Great for young children to splash water and get used to being in the water. Josie had fun. She kept wanting to go up the playground. But she's too young and not tall enough to play on her own. The lifeguard doesn't allow anyone above 1.2m up the playground. 

Here are some of her happy and excited shots taken with the camera the hubby gifted me on Mother's Day! Love it. 

Eat Binggo

Located on the second level of the newly renovated shopping mall White Sands, Eat Binggo offers delicious Korean bingsoo in 10 flavours for only $6.90. You can also craft your own flavour by choosing 3 toppings and 1 icecream of ur choice for the same price. Check out their menu on their facebook page: Eat Binggo Menu

Here's our xmm showing approval of what's she's having. She ate the bingsoo one mouth after another (direct translate: 一口接一口 lol). 

Our B.F.F. (Berries Fresh Fruit) bingsoo. It comes with 3 fruit choices, berry sauce and cranberries. We ordered Strawberry, Blueberry and Mango. 

Friend's order. Injeolmi bingsoo with injeolmis, injeolmi powder and almonds. One of their bestsellers. 

Josie at the shop front. 

One last photo of the xmm enjoying her bingsu. 

We will definitely head back again when we are in the East. Delicious way to cool ourselves on a hot afternoon. 

Eat Binggo
White Sands #02-K5

Milestone: First sentence

WJosie pulled out her kitty bib while we were having dinner outside. She's not done with her food, so I helped her wear it back. 

Mammy: (absent mindedly being sarcastic about whatever topic the papa is talking about while helping her with the bib)

Josie: Mama zye zye

Mammy: (continue being sarcastic about whatever topic the papa is talking about while scooping some rice on her spoon)

Josie: Mama zye zye. 

Mammy: (realisation hits)

Josie: Mama zye zye. Zye zye mama. Zye zye mama. 

Mammy: Omg! 不客气!不客气! Omg! (to the papa) Did u hear that?!!

Josie: Mama zye zye. Zye zye mama. Zye zye mama. (laughs and cover her mouth)

Mammy: (got emotional) 不客气 (felt so loved)

Josie just form her first sentence all by herself without any prompting. She was saying mama thank you (谢谢). Omg. I was soooo touched. So 感动! 

Photo taken pre dinner, before wearing her kitty bib. 

At least that was what I think she said at the point of time cos when I asked the papa later, he doesn't seem sure (heartbreak). 

Happy 21 Months

Happy twenty one months Josie!

Three more months to your 2nd birthday! While we are still learning to be good parents, we will give our best to you!

As we continue on the journey of parenthood, you had given us many fun experiences and nay ones as well. 

Grow up strong and healthy Josie. Don't always bully mammy and Latte hor. 

Xoxo, lots of love, Daddy and Mammy.

Fireworks NDP2016:NE1

For many years, hubby and I were not able to watch the live NDP fireworks. Too many activities maybe? Haha

Today. We went. The 3 of us. It is Josie's third time seeing fireworks. First was last year's ndp preview or smthing, we watched it with my sister at Marina Barage. Second was at Disneyland HK. 

Today. She was still mesmerized by it, but with alot of 怕s (scared in Mandarin). Recently she keeps saying this word. 

Pretty fireworks. 

Testing out the camera apps and settings. End up, too busy to use on the fireworks haha. 

Josie's new earrings

It has been 6 months since Josie had her ears pierced. And we took her to get a pair of gold earrings. Reason, easier to clean and thinner, hence the ear holes will not droop.

But I prefer the first piercing pair. Prettier.