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Same Same But Different - A Solo Exhibition by Warren Khong

Hubby was invited to his friend, Warren's exhibition opening. Located on the 4th level of Reading Room, 21 Tanjong Pagar Road.

Colourful acrylic on canvas expressionless female portraits were hung on either side of the place.
With paintings that seek to look more like they were printed by machine rather than  hand painted, Warren's pursuit of the perfect beauty through representations in art.

Reducing the human face to a mere abstraction of lines and shapes using only the essential human facial features, he raises the question of 'beauty'. Through the iconised depiction of human female faces, he aims towards reaching a resolution.
The exhibition is from 27 June till 21 August 2013. 

Warren has exhibited both internationally as well as locally, most recently having had two solo exhibitions - 'A Collection of Shapes in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black and White (I still don't remember the name of the girl I saw that day)' at Marcuard Asia Pte. Ltd, Singapor…

Hello Kitty Fairy Tales plushies - #5 The Singing Bone

The last Hello Kitty of the McDonald's Hello Kitty Fairy Tales plushies is officially on sale today. However, all Hello Kitty The Singing Bone plushies are sold out even before it's 12 midnight. Sold out on Wednesday before it is officially on sale on Thursday.

People started queueing on Wednesday evening before 8pm at outlets that are opened 24hours. And McDonald's decided to give out coupons to those in queue, the number of coupons = the number of dolls. So technically, even before it's 11pm, most of the places were already out of stock.

For those outlets that opens in the morning, people were already queuing outside the shop after McDonald's closed their doors to end the day. Overnight queuing.

Yep, we attempted to queue. Reached at 1145pm. And we are FAR FAR FAR away from the counter. We queued for about 30minutes before going back. The staff came over to say no more coupons... and I think we are queued 200% behind the people with coupons. Sighs..

While queuing…

Eng Kee Fried Chicken Wings 榮記炸鷄翅膀

An accidental find.

Initially the hubby wanted to bring me to the Commonwealth Cresent Market & Food Centre (Oh. I'm a very hawker person, I always ask him to eat in hawkers haha. I don't mind eating in a non aircon place as long as there's cheap and delicious food) but the whole place is not open. I guess they only operates in the day time?

On our way to the hawker, we saw this place, Eng Kee Fried Chicken Wings 榮記炸鷄翅膀, with a long queue and decided to join the queue when we realised that the hawker centre is closed.

About 20 minutes later, our dinner is freshly out of the wok and on our table. The beehoon and the chicken wings were piping hot. 3 chicken wings, 1 wuxiang, 1 plate of cabbage and 2 plates of beehoon costs $7.70.

The beehoon, I can just eat it plainly without any ingredients. It's chewy and a little soupy. Maybe because it just came out of the wok. And the quantity is alot. I love the beehoon.

Reviews on Foursquare raved and praised the chicken wings …

Stay calm and do what?




Last friday, a shocking announcement was made, surprising all of us. It was highlighted that the announcement was given a week earlier to give us mental preparation. Whether prepared or not, I really do not wish for the forecast to turn into reality.

As I telling the hubby about the situation, he seemed prepared, like he already had a plan in mind. I should feel reassured. But I don't. The amount of insecurities that will surface are too huge to stomach, especially with so many plans in motion that requires the "loss".

What to do?

Gordon Ramsay Accepts SingTel's and Food Bloggers' Challenge

Amazing challenge. Gordon Ramsey vs Singapore Hawkers.

At 10am on 5 June, a challenge was issued to Ramsay by Singapore's more popular food bloggers. With the support of SingTel, they have asked the most (in)famous awardee of Michelin stars to engage in a cook-off with the country's most popular hawker. (quoted from

Daniel's Food Diary owner, Daniel Ang, posted this on his blog:
So Dr Leslie Tay asked if a Michelin star chef like Gordon Ramsay can fry a plate of char kway teow as good as Hill Street’s Mr Ng? Well, even though chef Ramsay has 14 stars under his belt, the answer is maybe (with no offence intended) no.
Vote for your favourite hawkers on to take on the challenge.

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles

The hubby brought us to eat the famous bah chor mee (minced pork noodles) at Crawford Lane. When we reached at 9.50am, there was already a queue of 6-7 people. Little did we know the amount of time it took to get our orders.

You can choose to order $5, $6, $8 or $10 portion for your bah chor mee. But I seriously wonder what is in the $10 bcm? haha.. Huge bowl of noodles?

The shop pasted photos from the past when they were located in Hill Street on the wall. There is also a news article on the wall too.

It took 50 minutes to be in the front of the queue. And while the cook is still busy with other side orders (orders from regulars, customers who ordered and gotten their food but placed another order for seconds), we stood there looking silly, thinking that it was finally our turn.

One hour of queue, we finally got our orders. $6 bah chor mee. It really is tasty. Chewy noodles and the ingredients are quite alot. There are a few pieces of dried salted fish, 2 meat balls, 2 meat dumplings…

The HAZE - the blue sky is out

Yay! The blue sky is out. PSI reading was 178 at the time of the photo. 2pm. Now it has dropped even lower 122 (3pm reading)

Traditional Bakery Supplier

The hubby got to know of this bakery supplier when he passed by the previous time. He described that the delicious smell of these freshly baked bread made his mouth water and hungry to try some.

We took quite some time to find the place, as he did not remember the exact location, and somehow we searched for the wrong location online. haha

And we were welcomed by rows and rows of freshly baked bread. Some of the bread were charred and I was still thinking if we are able to eat these. Smells super delicious.

More rows of bread out to cool down.

The shop front. Everyone was busy, cutting away the charred crust, and throwing them away. I was curious why they cut and throw away. I wanted to eat the bread with the crust!

And I was disappointed with the outlook of the bread we bought. It's white and it looks normal. And without crust. I love to eat that part of the bread too... I really thought we will be getting something similar to those on the racks.

But the bread, I can tell you, is …

Hello Kitty Fairy Tales plushies - #4 The Ugly Duckling

I am lucky to be able to get the forth Hello Kitty from the Hello Kitty Fairy Tales series: The Ugly Duckling. One more to complete the set.

McDonald's Singapore finally made an announcement last night. To limit each customer to buy a maximum of 4 Hello Kitty in one transaction. Like finally... Everyone was complaining about not able to buy the Hello Kitty: The Ugly Duckling as early at 7am in the morning in some places. And complaining WHY some people are able to buy 11 Hello Kitty: The Ugly Duckling at one go. I am one of the complaining people, as I am unhappy people snap up many Hello Kitty dolls for SALE, to earn profit.

While queuing to get my Hello Kitty: The Ugly Duckling, there are two late teen girls. Both queuing side by side in two counters. The one behind me, G1, was getting on my nerves.
G1: (very loudly) Every week come eat McD with you will get fat.
G2: (murmur reply)
G1: (very loudly) Do you think I should buy a Hello Kitty to sell? Online sell $20-$50. I can sell…

The HAZE - Day 5

10 minutes ago, Singapore hits a new record. PSI at 401. Wow.

Saw some photos that friends posted, the Singapore Flyer has disappeared. So has the MBS. And yet, we are labelled as "Children"? Sighs.. Children or adults, aren't we all human? We just want to breathe normally as soon as possible. People are falling sick...

We managed to get our masks yesterday. Hubby went to buy in the afternoon from the Dräger's distributor, PSE Safety. $24 for a box (20 pieces).

PSE Safety
48 Mactaggart Road #11-02 MAE Building Singapore 368088

Lipice Fruity - Redeem your free sample

LIPICE has a new lipbalm. LIPICE Fruity lipbalm with SPF15, no colour and with 4 flavours to choose from. And you can get your hands on a free sample.

Visit LIPICE Facebook app to register for your free sample here: works on a desktop browser and not on mobile)
LIPICE Fruity is a lipbalm for every occasion and lifestyle as it moisturizes and protects your lips. Comes in 4 fun flavours and trendy packs for everyday use!
With natural moisturising ingredients. Unique cooling sensation. SPF15 sunscreen protection to shield your sensitive lips. Colour free.  Available in 4 fun fruity flavours: Strawberry, Lemon, Apple, and Grape-Blackcurrant.

*Free sample is only applicable to Singaporeans/Singapore mailing address. One sample to one address only. You will receive your FREE sample within 3 weeks.
I received my sample within a week, bubble wrapped nicely. Moisturize and protect your lips, register to try out the new LIPICE Fruity lipbalm.

Lipice Singapore


The current trending topic: #sghaze, #mustbethehaze.... The HAZE.

The PSI, Pollutant Standards Index, hit a new high last night at 10pm. The readings on NEA website indicates the PSI was 321, a Hazardous level. Shocking.

When the haze first reached Singapore, I was being optimistic, thinking and hoping that, it will just last for maybe two days and with an unexpected rain, everything will be back to normal. Now I am hoping that it will rain soon, so that we can at least take a breather for a while.

The visibility is getting worse. The skyscrapers in town are "disappearing". Being on the road is not safe too. Drivers have to be even more careful especially with the low visibility on the road. Some friends posted even LOWER visibility photos on facebook... omg...

Now, the PSI reads 371 at 1pm. A new HIGH. Now breathing has become such a chore, my nose and throat hurts with each breath. The first two days was still tolerable for me, but now... omg...

Keep yourself updated here:


Hubby decided that we needed a filling good breakfast and suggested Spruce at Fire Station along Upper Bukit Timah Road. We went past the place many times, and each time indicating that we should try out this place soon.

Savor Relish Indulge
The concept of Spruce was formed out of the love of wholesome and unpretentious Modern American cuisine served with the warm hospitality that has become a trademark for Spruce. It was a Saturday morning and we did not make any reservations. The place was relatively crowded, mostly families. Luckily there were available tables.

From previous experience, we dare not order two sets of breakfast, as we were unable to finish, and thus wasting food.

Eggs (Scrambled, Poached or Sunny Side Up) with bacon, German sausages, mushrooms, Focaccia toast, roasted tomato and potato.

Hot Cakes S$6
Side dish - three pieces of Hot Cakes with maple syrup.

Two Eggs S$4.00
Side dish - Eggs, the hubby preferred to have them sunny-side up.

Busy saturday a…

HTML in HTML title tag

Whoever did or maintain this page or site for the company is really good.

Putting in HTML <sup> tag in a HTML <title> tag. And proven in Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari, HTML tag in HTML title, does not work. 'Nuff said :)

五月天[諾亞方舟]明日重生版 世界巡迴演唱會 2013

It was a HIGH HIGH night with 五月天 at their 新加坡 [諾亞方舟]明日重生版 世界巡迴演唱會 2013 on Saturday, 15 June 2013.

Ticket Price (Exclude Booking Fee) ranged between S$28 to S$238. We had gotten the S$198 ticket (S$201 with booking fee) in February, on the day ticket was on sale. The S$238 tickets were sold out by the time we wanted to buy.

We were indoors around 7.30pm. The place is still pretty empty, though it was pretty crowded outside. Some queuing to get in, some queuing to buy their Tshirts and some sitting around waiting (for friends I guess?). We intended to get tshirts too. Each costs S$40. But our sizes are no longer available. Sad. I didn't know there were tshirts on sale. Else we would not have taken our own sweet time for dinner.

Everyone of us is issued a light stick that emits six different color. It's during the concert then we realise the power of this lightstick. Our lightsticks colours are controlled by someone, so that the lights we wave are of the same colour. It is a ver…